Killing me softly with his song

We all have our favorite songs. Most of the time mine and Keith’s taste in music is the same. But sometimes we venture off from each other. I can go deep into the 70’s and he can go country. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy country music, but it’s mostly old school country. Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Patsy Cline. Sure he likes this too, but he likes to go deep and find music no one else has heard.
Sometimes we will find ourselves taking separate cars. We automatically jump at listening to music we love without getting the eye roll from the other. It’s ok, because we know the other is listening to what they love. It works.
I once read a book where the husband was so tired of hearing his wife tell the same story, that he envisioned himself shooting her. Okay, it was done in jest. But it reminds me of the tolerance, or should I say, intolerance, we have to endure things more than 10 or 20 Times. I’m not going to kill him if he makes me listen to his playlist again for the hundredth time. But maybe the song “killing me softly with his song” will come to mind each time.

So where am I going with this? Let me tell you. My better half has a playlist that never gets old… him! I have heard this playlist for almost 2 years now.
Whenever I get in the car after he has been in it, I instantly notice the music he’s been listening to. I have 2 thoughts. The first is, thank goodness he’s listening to this without me. And second, dear god, is he really listening to this again!
It’s ok. Different strokes for different folks.
If you listen to my playlist you will hear Marvin Gaye, the Doobie Brothers, Roy Orbison, Journey and Van Morrison. If you listen to his you will hear , Chris Knight, Jamey Johnson, and others you may not have heard of. It’s all good. I like it too… moderation. It’s what makes us tick. But seriously all things in moderation!
Most of the time we take turns. We may even find a middle road that involves Chris Stapleton or Fleetwood Mac, or even the Doobie brothers. But when we run out of songs, he will retreat back to his playlist.
So what does this have to do with sailing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
We aren’t sailing this season. We are working. And when I say we, I mean him. We will sail again. But for now, we will work and he will be killing me softly with his song.
Life is good.

our front yard in Maine

The lake across the street

Keith about to shovel his way to the car

exploring Quebec City

our cabin in Maine

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