Time flies….

Unless you are on my facebook, you are probably wondering where we are. I pretty much  left you hanging. Our last post ended in New Mexico. Gosh, that seems so long ago. I have definitely been negligent in posting. We eventually  made our way to Tacoma Washington, where we currently reside in an extended stay hotel.

I was going to write this long post catching you up where I left off, but decided it was too long and you would have gotten bored pretty fast. So I’ll spare you and just incorporate the pictures of where we left off at the end and move along.

We are days away from making our way back to Georgia. This weekend we will fly to Alaska. Our son is stationed in Anchorage and we don’t get to see him and his wife that often.  After that, we will make a beeline to Ga with a stopover at the Grand Canyon.

Over the past few days, I’ve given some thought of the things we’ve missed verses the things that we’ve really enjoyed. Here are a few.

Things we’ve enjoyed:

The city. It’s very pretty here. The mountains are incredible. Mt Rainier is huge. You can even see it from Seattle. It never ceases to amaze us.  Blackberries! They are the weed of Washington (not to be confused with the legal weed of Washington).You  could compare it to kudzu in Georgia.

The food.  The area has some of the best fish and chips. The halibut is as fresh as it gets. The clam chowder is a must also. Mexican food here is good. There is a lot of spanish influence here and they know how to cook.

The weather.  When we first got here it rained every day.   I’m one of those weird people who loves the rain. Unfortunately it all came to an end around June. They are now close to 60 days with no rain. The last time this happened was 1951. The temps have been very pleasant.  It always drops down into the 50’s at night. The day time temps  usually only make it to the mid 80’s.

The hotel. This may seem odd, but we’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed having a bathtub. A real bathtub. Its been a luxury. I’ve also enjoyed having a real size refrigerator with an ice maker. Again, another luxury.  Its been nice having all the space and all the ice.

The Military base. Being retired Air Force, we have been able to use the base. The commissary has saved us so much in groceries. Plus its fun to be in the presence of so many service members. I always did love a man in uniform.

So now the things that we’ve really missed:

My oven.  I love to bake. The hotel here doesn’t have ovens. They do however, have toaster ovens. I’ve had to get really creative in how I cooked/baked. I’m ready to have an oven again. I need to bake loaves of bread to satisfy that urge I have missed.

Cast Iron skillet. I use it so often, that I even brought it with us in the camper. Unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in the toaster oven so I haven’t been able to use it. Cornbread hasn’t been the same without it.

The boat. Yes, we have missed the boat. I don’t  have a big refrigerator or an ice maker or even a bathtub on the boat  because we traded those for other things like amazing sunsets, sundowners with friends and the freedom to move freely. We’ve missed those things. I’ve missed my bed and being gently rocked to sleep by the small ripples in the water.  I’ve missed making coffee by the french press. I’ve missed taking the dinghy out for a fun ride down the river to check our crab traps. I’ve wondered if our boat missed us.

Friends and family. Its been hard being so far from family for so long. We did take advantage of traveling to Alaska to see our youngest and his wife.  Now I know how they feel being so far away and watching the rest of the family get together.

So there you have it. Pretty soon we will be back at the boat. We will still be working through hurricane season. Keith will divide his time between his next job in North Carolina and the boat. I will divide my time between family, friends, the boat and North Carolina. Maybe I’ll go back to work. Life is good.


snowy in Aztec New Mexico

4 corners

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Death Valley

Death Valley

Las Vegas

Taco Food Truck.

our campsite in Oregon

Drone shot of our campsite in Oregon

Campsite in Washington

Pike Place Market in Seattle

walking barefoot on the beach

Feeding Reindeer during my trip to Alaska

Me and my son Daniel at Whittier Alaska

A glacier in Alaska that we drove the ATV’s to.

Victory beer. We made it to the Glacier

Headed out to the Glacier

space needle

Dinner in Tacoma

Now that’s a big duck

Camping at Mt Rainier

A Tacoma landmark

Our hike on Mt Rainier with friends from home

The troll under the bridge, Seattle Wa



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