Newbies in every sense of the word. New at this blog stuff, new at living on a boat. But with lots of practice, I should improve at both. I am a hands on kind of learner, so the only way for me to learn at this blog is to just jump in and learn as I go.  I guess the same can be said for sailing. We only thought we knew about sailing before. Before we sailed on a lake in Alabama. We didn’t have to worry about tides, channels, swells, VHF radios, navigation, GPS, among so many other things. So we are learning. Our best source of information is the people we meet here at the marina. There have been a lot of people that have come into the  marina to wait out hurricane season. They are a wealth of information. They are more than willing to tell us and show us how to do things. Any one of them would take the shirt off their back to help us. I just wish there was something we could give back in return. That will come in time.

The end of hurricane season is rapidly approaching. Our goal was to be ready so that we could follow others out and head for the Bahamas. Now I’m not sure if we will be ready in time. Its been hard to get us and the boat ready in just the few weeks each month that we’ve had to do it in.  We’ve been back and forth from the boat to back home, as Keith has been working out his notice at work. Each time we are at the boat, we have boat projects. Some take days, while others only take a few hours. We have made time for a few sails. Each time we take it out, it gets more comforting. It can be sort of nerve wracking getting the boat out of the slip when the wind is blowing. The possibility of hitting another boat is always there. But Keith is doing a great job. I have to remind myself that there can only be one captain on the boat.But that’s ok, first mate is a much easier job anyway.

the marina at sunset

the marina at sunset

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