The rocking chair award

  When we were members of the Rome sailing club, there was an award that went out once a year called the rocking chair award. This award was reserved for the boater that exhibited the greatest screw up of the year. Such as drilling a hole in your boat and finding water. Keith almost got the award one year for jumping off the little boat we had at the time and watching it sail away without him. He was used to the other boat we had, falling off and waiting for him. Nope. This one sailed off leaving him in the middle of the lake having to swim to shore. 

Yesterday we exhibited another such screw up. We have been anchored at Cumberland island for a day or two waiting out the windy conditions that weather guru Chris Parker says we will have. Yesterday as the tide went out, we noticed how close we were to a shoal. Aka, sandbar. We said we would move the boat as the tide came in so we wouldn’t have any trouble leaving in the morning. Well, as the tide came in, we decided we never actually ran aground during low tide and having justified that, we took the lazy way out and stayed put. Here’s the thing……there’s a time and a place for being lazy on the boat. Yesterday was not it. 

Fast forward to today. The tide is going out and we are not. Overnight the winds shifted and pushed us over the shoal. We are paying the price for being lazy yesterday. Now we wait for the tide to finish going out, then for it to come in enough for it to lift us off so we can move the boat. There may be a silver lining to this. We had Planned on motoring south on the crooked and treacherous intracoastal waterway to Jacksonville and anchoring there so we could go out the inlet tomorrow as the weather becomes more pleasant for sailing. Being on the ICW is more protected from the winds, and it gives you the opportunity to move along while waiting for better sailing conditions. But it’s not without risks. Unfortunately there are tons of places to run aground in route.  So since we are getting such a late start, we will stay here one more night and then head out the st marys inlet, thus avoiding the route to Jacksonville. It’s a little inconvenient but it’s still an adventure. Ask me tomorrow when it’s all over. 

So the rocking chair award, reserved for the most absurd screw up,goes to us for running aground while at anchor. 




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