We are officially unemployed. And when I say we, I mean keith.(I’ve been unemployed for 2 years) Keith has worked his last shift at Gordon Hospital. sigh. They were very good to him and we will both miss the folks there. But it’s finally time to take a few months off and enjoy traveling. We will both get jobs later this year. Not sure where.Not sure when. Hopefully somewhere where we can stay on the boat. Keith should get to do locum tenens, so maybe someplace exciting.
We did get to be up in north Ga for the last 2 weeks. The snow was pretty, but I missed my warmer weather down south. We spent some quality time with 2 of our kids. It was birthday week for all the men in our little family. Our youngest is active duty Air Force and spending a few months working in Okinawa so he couldn’t be there. We were stationed there ourselves 20 years ago. He still remembers some of it.

Keith and the grand dog Bullet

Keith and the grand dog Bullet

We are working very hard to get ready to leave. Our new lifejackets came in and we each now have our own personal EPIRB’s. Note for you landlubbers: those are small beacons that attach to our life jackets and send out a signal to the Coast Guard, should one of us fall overboard. Something I found out by reading the box, is that if we ever have to use it and are found by the Coast Guard, the company will give us a free replacement. Dear Lord, thats one piece of equipment I hope to never have to use.


We are waiting on one more piece of mail to come in. Our new Garmin chart plotter. Once we get it, Keith can install it. Update: the chart plotter arrived and well, installing it will be easier said than done. Nothing ever comes easy on a boat.

new life jackets and EPIRB's.

new life jackets and EPIRB’s.

Stuffing groceries everywhere

Stuffing groceries everywhere

We are so close to being able to leave. We are watching the weather very closely. We need about 4 days of good weather all in a row. We are hoping to take our first day and motor down to Cumberland Island. Anchor there for one night, more if the weather makes us. From there, we will go on the outside and scoot down the Atlantic coast. At this point, we don’t know where we will end up. It all depends on what the weather decides to do. We do know we want to make a stop in Cocoa Florida. Then we have some boat work in Stuart Florida. We have discussed going to the Bahamas. But just not sure if we will make it this year. The big reason being is that our boat really needs new chainplates. They are supposed to be replaced every 20 years. Or so I’m told. Well, our boat is 29 years old and has never had them replaced. We are just not sure if we want to cross the Gulf stream with uncertain chainplates. So therein lies the rub. What to do? We will just have to go with what we are most comfortable with.

So we wait. We are both getting antsy.  I think it will be several days before we can leave. Its okay. Life is still good.

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