All work and no play

I have been negligent on my blog in the past few months. We just haven’t gotten to do much in the way of sailing lately. Then I think about all the blogs that I read, and realize that they blog about other things besides sailing. So going forward, I hope to do better.

Since we got back to Jekyll Island Ga, we have pretty much worked all the time. And when I say we, I mean Keith.  He has been able to keep his previous job and work a week per month, or in this case, most of July and  August and  all of sept and oct. I had planned on getting a job as well, but wasn’t fortunate enough to find one. I even checked with my previous employer. I was willing to move back to Rome for a year or so. But no jobs came open and so I decided to stay on Jekyll Island and get some things done, and drive back to see Keith some weeks.

Now after 2 months away, we are back at the boat and finally getting some things done to get her ready to leave in Feb.  Keith has been polishing the inside teak every morning. I used to ‘dust’ the inside teak, but he is so, how should I say this….. picky, that now I just let him do it. He has a ritual of teak cleaners that he uses and usually tackles a certain spot inside the boat that he will work on this spot for several days and then move on to another spot. This works for both of us. I certainly have other things to do.

keith's teak cleaning

keith’s teak cleaning

This week, Keith has gone up the mast to change out some light bulbs. That’s about 35 feet straight up. I could never do that. I have a terrible fear of heights. It’s not his favorite thing to do, but fortunately he’s willing to do it. He’s tuned the rigging on the boat, installed some fishing pole holders so we can store our poles inside now. The latest boat project is to fix our solar panel railing. We hit some rough seas last year and they came apart in one spot. We got it back together, but had to go back and re-adjust them. Sounds easy. HA!  Nothing is an easy repair on a boat. This has proved to be an all day job. Fortunately we didn’t lose any tools to the water this time.

We have tried to spend some time fishing. We have been able to catch our own bait pretty successfully and can catch blue crab fairly easy. Now if we could just catch fish. We have decided that to catch them, we have to  give them what they want, the way they want it, where they want it, and  when they want it, without them knowing you’re giving it to them. With that said, we need to get to know the fish much better.

catching blue crab

catching blue crab

So that’s the jest of our summer. Keith has committed to working until February and then we will head south. Not sure where we will go. We know where we want to go and will make plans accordingly. But plans change and if they do, we will just go with the flow. Life is still good.

Jekyll Island has the most beautiful sunsets

Jekyll Island has the most beautiful sunsets

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  1. The crab reminds me of when we were in Miami and used to fish out of the canal with chicken necks crabs love chicken necks we would come home with a big washtub full boil them and put them out on the table and go to town eating that was at Barbara’s and Tony’s house
    In Palm Springs North……..memories

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