On the road again

We came, we saw, we stayed. That was not in the plans. The plan was to stay in Cocoa Florida 2, maybe 3 weeks at most. 6 weeks later, there we sat. We will be the first to tell you, that anything that needs ‘doing’ to the boat, you can always expect to double the time it should take. But we are always the ever optimistic.  This is Florida. I am not complaining. okay, maybe I am complaining a bit. This was not our destination. Our destination is the Bahamas. Still Florida is nice. Whats not to love about Florida. I was born and raised  here and eventually moved to Georgia in my teens. Cocoa was a nice town. We did get to see a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral (which was awesome), enjoy a visit from our son and daughter in law, and explore nice beaches. And we got away from the cold weather everyone up north was experiencing.

As for the upgrade on the boat, she got a new sail, to include a stack pack. That will make raising and lowering easier and safer. We also got a jib pole. That is basically a pole that attaches to the front sail to help catch the wind. It sounds like a small job, but the jib pole is actually 14 feet tall and had to be  attached to the mast.  We also had to have a small fuel leak and exhaust system fixed. MarinePro in Cocoa, who works on Yanmar engines, did an excellent job.

installing the new sails

installing the new sails

But  We still had some traveling down the coast of Florida before we could cross over to the Bahamas. This is our Maiden voyage. Since leaving Cocoa, we had 2 great days sailing down the ICW, stopping to anchor on the first night after 10 hours. The next day, after another 10 hours and a short grounding,  we finally made it to Stuart Florida. We have a friend here that we wanted to see and thought it would be a good place to hang out for a while. We actually thought about trying to make our way to the Bahamas now, but decided it would be easier to drive back to north Ga, than to have keith fly out of the Bahamas. This is a nice spot. We docked here one night until a mooring opened up. Now we are on a mooring for the first time ever. For you landlubbers, A mooring is similar to anchoring, but you actually tie up to a ball that is attached at the bottom of the ocean with some type of concrete. You don’t have to worry about dragging an anchor. our electricity is limited. We conserve water like crazy. I have become a water nazi. No running water frivolously  All our water now comes in 5 gallon jugs that we carry back in the dinghy when we go shore. There is no more jumping in the car to buy something for dinner that we just have to have. But its nice. We have sunsets again as  our sunsets were blocked in Cocoa.

We are going to make this happen. Keith has committed himself to work some the end of march and the first of april, so once we get back to the boat on April 6th, we will continue to head south to Fort Lauderdale where we will make our crossover to the Bahamas. At one point, we thought we were not going to be able to go, but its back on! Life is good!

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  1. So proud that you two are able to follow your dream, and the best part is you both have the same dream. Happy and safe sailing. ((Hugs))

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