Don’t worry… happy

Is this where i thought I’d be at this particular moment? No. But I’m not complaining…. well, not right now. I did however, pop off at Keith one day recently. Basically I told him to quit fiddle farting around, that I was ready to leave and I wasn’t in love with Brunswick like he was. It was during the time when I was watching all our new friends leave for bluer waters and warmer weather. I was jealous! In his defense, I should say that he has since taken me to Miami, and in a moment of weakness, booked a cruise to St Thomas, in search of warm weather. Maybe not by our boat, but we did go and I was happy to get there by whatever means possible.
I actually do like Brunswick. I do like our lifestyle. What’s not to like? We wake up happy. There’s no time clock to punch. No hustle and bustle to deal with. I sleep better than I thought possible. My husband will tell you that I never had a problem sleeping, ever! Funny, when we go to a hotel now,  I don’t sleep as well as I do in the boat. I love my boat bed! Who doesn’t like being rocked to sleep?!
Several things have prevented us from being able to go south this year. At first I was upset about this. But I have gotten past that. I have started looking at the good. We have met some great people here. Some live here year round. We have free wifi. Well, when it works. Some days are better than others. But I hear there is an upgrade in our near future. Our water is free. Our laundry is free. Our rent is cheap. Our electricity is cheap. Heck, even our cable is cheap. We are near St Simons Island, and Jekyll island. Both are great places to bike, walk, fish and even anchor.
Since we have decided to stay here until hurricane season is over, we will continue to outfit the boat and get her ready to sail south in November. Keith will pick up whatever shifts he can until then. I will continue to learn what I can. We are currently taking a boating safety class offered thru the coast guard auxillery. That will give us a discount on our insurance. Every little bit helps. Plus I am actually learning things. I can now tie a bowline knot, a square knot,an alpine butterfly knot and other knots that I have tried and never been able to retain. yay me.
So things are okay. I’m okay with the fact that we are still here. I worry that it will make me dependent on things such as having water anytime I need it, being able to go to the grocery store at the drop of a hat and so on. We plan on doing some serious anchoring soon.That means leaving the dock for long periods of time.  It will be good practice for us.
Every day keith asks me if I’m happy. Yes dear, I’m happy!

One thought on “Don’t worry… happy

  1. Attagirl, Lynn. Sounds as if your head is screwed on right. Enjoy your freedom that is not enjoyed by 95% of the world.
    We are still in Marathon.

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