Happy New Year

Reflecting back on the last year, I am amazed at how much has happened. It was a huge leap of faith and not one that we have regretted at all. Quitting our jobs, selling our house and moving aboard a sailboat was not something I thought would happen this soon in our lives. At some point, yes, but not yet. But as it turned out, thats exactly what happened. And we are more relaxed then we have been in years. That’s not saying there aren’t stressful moments. Just less.

We have spent the last several months getting the boat ready to take south.  Just before Christmas, we had her pulled out of the water and some things repaired as well as a nice sanding and buffing. Boat projects always take longer than expected, and this was no exception. What should have taken 2-3 days, took about 2 weeks. So we were left with two options, stay in a hotel and rack up a huge bill, or go north to stay with family earlier than planned. We did both. sorta. one week in a hotel and then headed north to stay with family over the holidays. It was kind of a win-win situation. To say that we didn’t enjoy a king size hotel bed would be a lie. And seeing our kids was great also.

The boat is finally back in the water, and to say we have been discombobulated at times would be an understatement. Living out of suitcases and going from one house to the next is not only tiresome but expensive since we like to contribute to groceries wherever we are.

The day after Christmas Keith had talked all the boys into taking a quick trip down to see the boat. I’m glad they had this time together. They managed to get in a little fishing and a little sailing. It sounds like they all had a good time and they now have a greater appreciation of how we live.

Our son, Daniel at the helm

Our son, Daniel at the helm


boys trip to the boat

boys trip


cold day of sailing

cold day of sailing with Brent at the helm

In a few days we will head back to the boat and get continue to get her ready to go south. Keith agreed to work a couple of days in January, otherwise we would be there sooner. I wonder now, if he is having second thoughts. I’m sure he will be glad once he gets the paycheck.
I should add that my son in law made me a nice fishing tackle box for Christmas. It is stocked with so many cool lures. I can’t wait until I can try them out.  Before Christmas, he took me fishing and showed me how to use several of them. Little did I know I was getting ones like them for Christmas.

So its been an interesting year. And let me just add that last week we celebrated 30 years of marriage. Here’s to shaking things up and a happy new year!

Taylor enjoying a cold day of sailing

Our son Taylor enjoying a cold day of sailing

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