we live on a boat

We live on a boat…..most of the time. Once november gets here, it will be all of the time. But until then, we are still going back and forth from our boat to our old home town while Keith works his final month at his current job.  It hasn’t been too bad up to this point. But I think its safe to say that we are both ready to be settled in one place. And that place is on the boat.  Packing a suitcase and cooler and trying to figure out what you will need to get you thru several weeks is getting old. We are ready to settle into our new life and get out there and see  and do things. Now, having said that, I have totally enjoyed spending time with friends and family and our kids while we were in town. I was even offered work at my old job while here. Which I accepted. I enjoyed seeing them again and as one of my sailing friends reminded me, it was extra money in the cruising kitty.  The cruising kitty is what allows you to sail longer before having to stop and work again.  So you cruise until you are low and then go back to work to build it back up and then you start all over again.

I had lots of positive comments this past week.  ‘we think what you are doing is great,’ ‘we can’t wait to hear about your adventure’ and ‘it sounds like the life of Riley’.  It does sound like the life of Riley. (who is Riley anyway)?.  Hopefully not the life of Pi.  I can’t comment on how great it is to sail to the Bahamas yet because we haven’t made that trip.  But i’m sure it is as amazing as everyone says.  Living on a boat is different.  Is it the life of Riley? I don’t know.  But it does  have its advantages.  No punching the time clock, dealing with office drama, or dealing with rush hour traffic.  It isn’t for everyone.  Could you give up everything you have worked hard for, for the last 30 years and move away from people you love? You could if it was a dream of yours. That doesn’t mean it would be easy. I have to say that it was more Keith’s dream then mine. But I have always had a love of the ocean so it wasn’t that hard to persuade me to go along. What was hard, was seeing how small my closet was on the boat.  I bet most peoples under the sink bathroom cabinet is bigger then my closet.  Ok, so maybe I found a cubby or two around and claimed them as mine too. It works.

my closet

my closet

It’s not always glorious. But it sure beats the heck out of punching a time clock.  Since we are not technically retired yet, there will be more time clocks in our future.

In a few weeks, we will pack our suitcases for the last time. Then hopefully we will feel more settled because we won’t be making the 6 hour drive back and forth and living out of a suitcase. We will still visit.  But its time to do what we set out to do.

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