Curious minds want to know……

‘whats it like to be together 24/7’?  Its different.  In all of our years of marriage, we have settled into our comfortable place only to change it up every few years thanks to the air force.  And thanks to the air force, we got to enjoy every night and weekend together for seventeen years. Then after leaving the air force, Keith started doing shift work at the local hospital emergency room. That took some getting used to. He went from being home every night to rarely being home on  nights, weekends and holidays. Did i mention it took some getting used to? So after shaking things up once again, we find ourselves together ALL the time.  And i don’t mind telling you, its taking some getting used to. Most times they are great, but as with anything, it can get dicey.  We do very well though. There are several things that we have learned that make it work. As with any marriage, communication is a must. When we communicate our thoughts for the day or night, it helps keep us moving in the same direction. I may be thinking about settling in to read a book, and he may be thinking about taking the boat out for a sail. Communicating with each other early on,  usually prevents ill feelings. .  Second, humor! You can never go wrong with humor. well, unless he is making fun of me for lack of knowledge in the sailing dept. Then its not so funny. But i’m fortunate that he saves most of those for his own silent chuckles.  And thirdly, this is something we both love. we share the dream of traveling and exploring and what better way to do it then on a boat. I love to fish, and he loves to sail.  What more could you ask for.

Don’t get me wrong, we still argue. The boat is not all that large. Its hard to have your own space in cramped quarters. Sometimes we just get hot, and tired and irritable. And the only person around to take it out on is your spouse. But we apologize,  and move on.Image  They say living on a sailboat the first year is much like the first year of marriage. It’s the hardest. I believe it. There is definately some getting use to.  We are relearning some things. like patience, and respecting each other. Not that we didn’t do those before but being in this new environment, things are different and circumstances are different and we may have things come up that we’ve never come up against before. Like when you want to go to sleep but everyones having drinks on the bow of your boat right above where you sleep.  Lets just say we (mostly me) now know a better way to handle that situation.
So thats how we roll. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Every day brings new adventures. We are in this together. Just like when we started this journey back in 1983. We are not perfect nor do we claim to be. But we work thru our problems and move on. It makes our marriage stronger and brings a smile to our face when we see how far we’ve come.

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