BOAT (V): Break out another thousand

Since we never made it to the Bahamas this year, we decided to make our way back to Jekyll Island. Except that we still haven’t made it back yet. We Left Stuart, Florida around the first of May. We ended up back in Cocoa, Florida. we were having some engine issues and since there was a company here that we liked and trusted to work on marine engines, we decided to stay here and get it fixed. Coming into the marina was a fiasco. Our throttle came loose just as we were coming into the slip, and the winds blew us into another boat, in-spite of having 3 guys help us dock. Fortunately there wasn’t much damage to the other boat, and none to ours. But one guy got his finger caught between our front railing and a pole and lost the tip of his finger. Needless to say, we felt horrible.

Fast forward to the end of June. We are still here in Cocoa. The engine work ended up taking longer than expected, no big surprise there. So we decided to get our canvas awnings replaced. That took several weeks, but since the engine wasn’t ready, it was no big deal. We are in the final stretch of having the engine finished. But…….then we decided to have all of our interior cushions replaced. We have finally agreed on a fabric, but we have to wait until they get a sample in so we can make sure its what we absolutely want. With any luck, we will have it finalized this week and they can begin making the new cushions. It should only take a week or two to complete. Its quite interesting living on the boat with no cushions. But we are making do with inflatable beds.

So that brings me to the definition of Boat….. (v): break out another thousand. All of these upgrades comes at a cost. We are slightly over budget. Fortunately Keith has been able to pick up some shifts at his job in North Ga. We have decided that we will both go back to work and work as much as we can until Jan, when we hope to try again for the Bahamas. This involves a lot of car traveling as North Ga is a good 8 hours from Cocoa, Florida. I still need to find me a job too. Its hard to find a job like Keith where I can work certain days of the month. If all goes well, We will be able to move the boat the first part of July, back to Jekyll island. Once we are there, I will be able to look for a job. That’ll probably mean me staying there while Keith goes up north to work.

One thing that makes us very nervous is that its hurricane season. We are not supposed to have the boat south of Cumberland Island. If a named storm comes up, we are in trouble. The insurance has said they will not cover any damage. So you can see how important it is for us to get ourselves back to Jekyll.
Its hard to believe that its just now summer. We have been living in Florida since Jan and have had nice warm weather since. I feel like its been summer for the last 6 months. All I can say is thank goodness for a/c and awnings. oh yeah, and beaches. Although in light on the recent shark bites here in Cocoa, its getting harder and harder to get Keith to go in the water.

All in all, its been a good last 6 months. We learned a lot. We will try again next year. Life is still good.