How bad do you want it?

how bad do you want it? What is your breaking point?

I have learned a few things over the course of two years. And that is that this boat life isn’t easy. Let me give you a picture of the way things work for us.

Everything is a chore. Putting sheets on the bed is an aerobic exercise. One that consist of sweating, stretching and swearing. mostly swearing. Imagine your bed up against three walls. You must sit on your bed while putting on the sheets. Not impossible, but not fun either.

Provisioning is interesting also. Being out on a mooring as we have, means you have to pile all your groceries in your dinghy and transport them to your boat. Then you have to lift them up and over the ladder to get them a board. Since we have been storing up things, getting ready to go to the Bahamas, it’s taken numerous Dinghy trips to get it all in. Then you have to find a place on the boat to store it. Ha. That was quite the challenge, but if I can fill a tiny cabinet with clothes, you can bet I can find room for food and supplies.

Let’s talk about water. It is very precious on the boat. It’s a very limited supply that we can easily refill by filling 5 gallon jugs and hauling them up the boat (from the dinghy) on a pulley twice a day. Just kidding about the easy part. Seriously, how hard can that be. Granted, if we were at a marina, all it requires is hooking up a hose and filling it up.

The refrigerator. If you have a big boat, you probably have a decent size refrigerator. Ours is different in that it has a lid, it is somewhat small, and you put things down inside. Yes, it does have a freezer. A Very small freezer. I can get lots of things in my refrigerator. It is a work in progress. I have found ways to make it work more efficiently since you just about have to stand on your head to get things out. I may have said a few choice words from time to time while digging out something that is inevitably at the bottom.

Laundry. Unless you wash it in the sink, using your valuable water supply, it always gets carried off the boat to the nearest washing machines. That also means passing it back-and-forth from the dinghy.

I could go on and on but I think you are getting the picture. This lifestyle isn’t easy. There is a lot of work involved. But it has its rewards. We get to see amazing sunsets every night. We get to meet people just like us, that have the same dream. We get to travel to new and exciting places. We see some of the prettiest beaches. And I get to fish anytime I want.

Yesterday we set out for our trip to the Bahamas. We are expected to be there late today. It didn’t go as planned. Our solar panel Davits broke. Our halyard (that’s the line that raises and lowers the sail) got loose and tangled and since the waves were rough, it took a while to catch it, untangle it and attach it, all while holding on dearly, as the waves shook the boat about. About that time, we had a huge wave come over the boat and soak everything. Including our bed, because we forgot to lock the hatch over our bed. The seas were so rough  at times to where  our autopilot didn’t want to work. Finally after a few hours of this, we relented and came ashore. We found a nice Anchorage to rest and repair and gather our thoughts. Once we set our anchor, our water hose came loose and drained half of our precious water supply adding insult to injury. once again, we learned a lot. Even though we were not successful yesterday, we came away with things that we could   have done better. It was 5 o’clock somewhere and that somewhere was on our boat.

Today we will repair the solar panel davits hopefully. Then we will check the weather and see if it still possible for us to cross over to the Bahamas and the time frame that we have.

It’s all good. Anything worth having is worth working for. This is still our dream  We are still learning. So how bad do we want it? Bad enough to go through all the things we do to make it work. Life is still good.