I have a confession to make. Cruisers don’t go on cruise ships. But we are not cookie cutter cruisers. We cruise, and when we cant cruise by our own methods, we cruise by other methods. In other words, we cruise in whatever means it takes to get there.
We are not your typical cruisers. Most cruisers will go strictly by their boats. I think that’s what we thought we would do too, but as time goes on, we have found ourselves traveling by car, by boat and by plane. Heck, Even by cruise ship. Who would have thunk! This time, we took a cruise on the spur of the moment. Our Boat is having some things repaired, and custom made. This will take a bit of time. So instead of just sitting here at the dock waiting on all to be completed, we took an opportunity to travel somewhere we had never been. We wanted the  opportunity to explore an area of the world that we someday hope to sail to on our own.

Now we are more about cultural things.  We don’t spend money on pictures. We don’t spend money on a lot of the propaganda of cruising. We usually don’t spend a lot of  money on excursions unless they are something we can’t get on our own and they are somewhat cultural. We have certainly spent our money on fun snorkeling trips in the past. This last trip we explored the Mayan ruins in Belize and an underwater cave in Mexico. We also found some exciting local cuisine we wish to replicate. We saw some beautiful blue waters that we hope to someday snorkel and fish in.
When I agreed to sell my house, I agreed to traveling more. I haven’t regretted anything yet. I have gotten to travel. Whether it be by car, plane or boat. I have gotten to see new places. Don’t Judge us by our means of travel or by our life style. If we say we are cruisers, then we are cruisers. That doesn’t mean we are exploring only by our boat. We are young cruisers. We will explore more by our own boat as time goes by. Life is still good

xunahtunic ruins in Belize

xunantunich ruins in Belize