Taking my lumps

So I was chastised on my last post.   When I spoke of ordering batteries, I spoke of it as if it was something someone does everyday. It has actually been a work in progress for over a year. But I made it sound like he just ordered them online and installed them all in a few hours. He brought this to my attention and then had the nerve to laugh at my short sentence involving his battery installation. As a matter of fact, in true Keith fashion, he brought it up several times that day while laughing.  Ordering them was actually the easy part. I usually have keith read my blog before I post it,for feedback, but this time I didn’t. WordPress was giving me a hard time, and after trying to post my blog for several days, I finally got logged on long enough to make a quick post. I was remiss in giving due credit to all Keith’s hard work and perseverance in researching new batteries. Did I mention that he laughed at me?

Keep in mind that we have solar panels, and a solar panel charger. (I won’t even pretend to understand it all.) So making sure we ended up with the correct batteries,  required lots and lots of research. Once he realized which batteries we needed, he needed to make sure we had a good place to store them in the boat. The new batteries are heavier than the old batteries, therefore, they needed to go somewhere besides the back of the boat where the existing batteries were. Too much weight in the back of the boat is not a good thing. Weight distribution is important.

Keith has spent many hours building cables, calculating voltage drops, installing  new cable wires and crawling into very small areas to get to out of reach places. There was a lot to this project.  So much has gone into the project, that we actually had to get a hotel room for 2 nights as the boat was in such disarray with no power or water.  I am really proud of all the hard work that has gone into this.  I think we are going to be very happy with our new batteries especially on cloudy days when our solar panels don’t get the sun they need. This means I will still get to have ice cubes. That makes me happy. Cheers!



Keiths diagram of his battery installation



Keith doing the electrical part of battery installation


tools everywhere. looks much better than it actually was

tools everywhere. looks much better than it actually was

The Great Exodus, part two

In case you are wondering if we have jumped ship, we haven’t. We just haven’t done anything very exciting to blog about. Well, that’s not exactly true. We have explored Jekyll island as much as possible. We have traveled to south Florida by car in search of places we may want to sail our boat to. And we have gone north several times to work and visit family.

The holidays were spent dividing our time with working part time and seeing family and making a valiant effort to get the boat ready to head south now that hurricane season is over.
Lord willing, this is really going to happen this time. In case you missed it, we were getting ready last year when several things broke and had to be ordered putting us behind, causing us to cancel our trip south.
This year I think, it’s really going to happen. Since December 1st, we have been watching boat after boat sail past us, heading south. We can’t help but be jealous. We will have our turn soon.
Our boat is just about ready to go. We have been very busy getting her ready. The plan was to leave by now, but we had some rain coming our way, so we will wait. Since we are having to wait for a good weather opportunity, we took the opportunity to purchase new batteries. Hopefully they will arrive at the same time the weather clears up.
If all goes well, our first stop will be St. Augustine. We will rest up there and move on down the coast of Florida. It can take a week to two, to get where we are going. Not to worry, we are in no hurry. Hopefully we will make it to the Bahamas sometime in February.
So that’s the plan. Hopefully with fair winds we will be part of the great exodus south this year. Its all good!