Boating acronyms

Boaters use a lot of acronyms. For instance, BOAT stands for ‘break out another thousand’. And then there is BYOB for ‘bring your own boat’. But the one we use here the most is LOB. Translation, ‘Lost on boat’. We use the term LOB on a daily bases. Sometimes while laughing and sometimes not.
The boat is not huge. But she does have many hiding places. We lose keys, tools, phones, and well, just name it and we’ve probably lost it. We have been looking for Keith’s truck keys for several weeks now. Fortunately he had a spare. We (and when I say we, I mean him) have this logic that we will put something in a particular spot that we will remember. The only problem with that is that we don’t remember later. Did I mention that we were still looking for his truck keys?
I am not without fault here either. I have my moments when I lose something. And its usually within 5 minutes of just using it. But I hate to have to look for things so I am pretty good about making sure things go back where they are supposed to. Because our boat has so many storage areas, everything is designated a spot. Underneath and behind our settees (thats sofa cushions for you landlubbers) in the cabin, we have several storage areas. Tools go on one side and food and appliances go on the other. Never the twain shall meet.
As I write this, Keith is looking all over for a wrench that he put somewhere. Its all good. He will find it and probably find something else in the process. Its still a good life. The freedom to do what we want anytime we want, out weighs minor inconveniences of losing things.