A change in plans

We interrupt the never ending boat projects for a little fun in the sun in Miami. I’m sure you are wondering what happened to our trip down the ICW.  Well as luck would have it, something broke.  Something important. As we were getting ready to fuel up for our trip, Keith noticed that the throttle wasn’t working right. Upon further inspection, he realized that he had accidentally broken it a few days prior and didn’t realize it at the time. That was our first attempt at departure. As we waited for our weather window, and repaired the throttle, we again got ready to leave. As fate would have it, again the day before leaving, our water pump went out. Only the problem wasn’t  so obvious. So after 2 days of taking it off, cleaning it out, putting it back on, and finally ending up buying a new one and putting it on, we now had water again.

me helping install the new water pump.

me helping install the new water pump.

Keith working on the water pump

Keith working on the water pump

Now we had no weather window in sight. Darn you cold rainy weather. So after dealing with boat repairs and dealing with the cold, windy, gloomy weather, we decided it would be fun to pack up the car and drive to Miami for the strictly sail boat show. What a good decision. The warm weather did wonders for our (my) attitude.

On the drive down, we stopped in Stuart Florida and met up with some friends we met here in Brunswick from s/v catamaran grace, and had the good sense to leave in November. They are always fun to hang out with. And we got to see a little bit of Stuart and see why so many boaters love the area. With any luck, we should be able to check it out for ourselves this November.

valentines day in miami...dunkin donuts style

valentines day in miami…dunkin donuts style

The weather in Miami was awesome. I heard the weatherman say that it was unseasonably cool. It was great to us.  We didn’t get to check out all the places we wanted. The traffic was terrible. It was nice getting to see the city I had grown up in and hadn’t seen in 30+ years. On our last day there, we had the opportunity to drive by my childhood home. I had not seen it in 41 years. But I still remembered the address. Funny, I can’t remember what i ate last week, but I could tell you the address after 41 years. Go figure. It looked a lot smaller than I remembered.

During our trip, and long drive, it gave us a time to talk about our plans and desires.  With June 1st rapidly approaching, we have decided that we would stay put and explore the area here until Nov 1st. We still have a lot of options. We can go anywhere north that we want after June, just not south. Chesapeake Bay has some appeal to us. There are tons of islands around here as well. We are ok with our decision. And since we will be around, Keith has offered to pick up some shifts at work. He was able to get some in March, so we will driving up north soon for a few days.

Now that we are back in Brunswick, the weather has decided to be nice.  I am loving the warm sunshine. Not really looking forward to the blazing heat and no see ums. So I’ll gladly take this weather.


strictly sail boat show

happy birthday captain

I’d say he finally got what he wanted. My adventurous husband had his first birthday as a live aboard. Although it didn’t turn out the way he wished, it was still a good day, in that, he didn’t have to punch a time clock and he woke up not living in a house , but on a boat. The plan was go take the boat out and anchor out today. That didn’t happen. The weather here is crazy. It was supposed to be a nice, perfect day for sailing. But it ended up being foggy until noon, then rainy. The sun finally came out around 3, but right behind it was a thundercloud. Too risky to go out. I know he was disappointed. Maybe tomorrow will be better. We did have a beautiful sunset though.

Once again, I tested the limits of my galley. I baked a cake today. I have learned that baking takes longer then what I am used to. But it still came out great. Granted, I did have to purchase smaller cake pans so they would both fit in at the same time. But he got to have his cake and eat it too.

We are still waiting for our weather window to go south. Since we need a good 3-4 days of good weather, we decided to do some trial runs close by until we get it. So when we get a good day of weather, our plans are to go out and see what we can get into. Then when we get a 3-4 day weather window that looks good, we should be able to ‘go for it’.

If it seems like we are dragging out feet a little bit, maybe we are. But being new at this, we just want to make sure we are doing it right. Don’t get me wrong, we are still having a blast!

Happy Birthday Keith

Happy Birthday Keith